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My Story...

As a child I loved and was loved by a wonderful collie who was my best friend for 16 years. This love transferred to Shelties when I acquired my first "miniature collie" in 1964. I was not looking for a show dog when this Sheltie came into my life, but she and my next several shelties were wonderful obedience dogs and loyal family companions. Their self-appointed task was to see to the well-being and protection of their family, especially the children.

My first homebred Champion was born in 1968 and was a best friend, guardian, and companion for 18 years as well as a multiple high in trial obedience dog. This wonderful and versatile breed originated in the Shetland Islands and is diminutive in size (but certainly not in heart) as are other creatures of Shetland.

Should you wish to acquire your own devoted companion, obedience or show Sheltie, it is important that you choose your new puppy from a reliable breeder with whom you are comfortable. Your best chance of finding the best puppy for your particular life style and needs at a fair price is to purchase your new addition from a breeder/exhibitor who is knowledgeable about the breed and devotes their time and energy toward producing the finest and the healthiest possible animals. This person will know what to expect from a given puppy and will test all breeding stock to try to eliminate physical problems from their stock. Breeding is a hobby for the serious breeder/exhibitor and frequently a very expensive hobby. The serious breeder/exhibitor breeds and exhibits for the love of the breed, not for the financial gain. You will not only pay for a healthy, quality puppy, but also for the experience and support of the breeder. I have bred and/or owned 15 Champions through the years and from time to time have puppies in all 5 acceptable colors as well as offer Champion Stud Service in all colors to approved bitches. I occasionally have an older puppy or young adult available to the right home. Please feel free to contact me for more information about this very special breed of dog.

- Louise Siri, Mystic-Isle Shelties
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